Grade 5&6

Because of the current circumstances surrounding covid-19, we are unable to physically gather together on Sundays for an indefinite period of time.  In light of this, we are providing the resources for parents to spiritually lead and guide their child(ren).

There are songs, lessons and follow-up activities for the children that are emailed out or posted on our, CambridgeCommunityKID'S Families, Facebook page on FRIDAY so that you can access them prior to the Zoom Service (and at any point throughout the week) with your child(ren).  

We suggest parents lead their child(ren) through the material prior to our 10 a.m. Zoom service and then the children can watch the lesson and participate in the music again, or do the follow-up activity during the Sunday service time.  This allows parents to engage in the more adult-focused worship time.

To request this information for your family if you are currently not receiving it, or to RECEIVE the information to join our Sunday Zoom Service, please email, to be placed on our list.

Our Preteens are encouraged each Sunday to "Take the Challenge" of following Christ in words, thoughts and actions. Their classes are fun-filled and Bible-focused. We use a curriculum called "The Loop" as we lead our Preteens to make the decision to know, love and follow Jesus by living out their faith. 

We want our preteens to be able to say:

I can trust God no matter what happens.

Jesus will help me to make wise choices in my life.

I choose to have Jesus as my personal Forever Friend.

Your preteen may occasionally join you in adult worship throughout the year.  We feel that it is important for our preteens to experience adult church and for you to connect as a family in worship together.  Your child will be informed in advance as to which Sundays will be "Adult Worship" and a sign will be placed on the classroom door that morning to remind them.

What to Expect:

Drop-Off: When you enter our Community Centre you'll find a check-in desk and friendly greeter who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. On your first visit, we will collect some basic information from you to get to know you and your child. And then someone will show your child to the Preteen Room. After that first Sunday your child will check himself/herself into the program once a teacher has arrived each Sunday.

Service: After you drop off your child, relax and enjoy the service. Our volunteers will be providing a morning program of energetic, creative teaching and relational connections to provide opportunities for our Preteens to explore and grow in the Bible and in their relationship with Jesus.

Pick-Up: At the end of the morning, your child will return upstairs as a class and at the end of the sermon, he/she will be released to find you and join you in the auditorium for the final worship music set as a family.

We look forward to partnering with you in this stage of Preteen adventure!