why would WE serve?

We all have natural gifts and things we love to do.  Sports, music, design, theatre, writing, baking, teaching, the list goes on.  Our church would love for you to use your gifts in creative ways within our church and community.  We also all have a spiritual gift, this is something God given, for you to use to help the local church and other believers grow in their own faith and walk with Jesus.  God has a role for you in our church to help us grow together, so let's start a conversation about where you can serve as God has called you.

where can WE serve?

We have opportunities inside and outside the church to serve, and we'd love to hear new ideas of ways we could serve our church and community that we're not yet exploring.  Inside the church we have care ministries, ladies ministries, youth ministry, music ministry, sound ministry, food ministry, events ministry, life group ministry, missions teams, leadership teams, gardening teams, maintenance teams, financial teams and our largest team is our Sunday school ministry.

Outside the church we are connected to serving at the Bridges Shelter, the Self Help Food Bank, the Pregnancy Resource Center, Dismas and Youth Unlimited Cambridge. 

Send me an email for more details: dan@cambridgecommunity.ca