Thanks for checking in

Welcome and we hope you're having a great day so far!   We realize we're all in the middle of a pandemic so clearly our church is closed, as we should be, and will be until further notice from the government health officials.  Thankfully the building is not the church, we are, so we the church are still meeting every Sunday at 10AM using everyone's new favourite conferencing app, Zoom! Check the Facebook page or email for the link to the meeting.  We do have online events every night as well, so ask for the details if you're interested. We have just finished our Lamentations series and will be working through 'Short Stories by Jesus' this summer as we look at a number of parables.     


parish lighthouse

A parish is a small, geographic area, and a lighthouse is just really bright!  So the parish lighthouse initiative is an intentional lifestyle of every follower of Jesus shining brightly on their street, and in their neighbourhood. Jesus has placed us into our specific communities, and we want to shine like a city on a hill where we live, but we need to be intentional because life get's really busy, really fast, and we can find ourselves years in our neighbourhoods and not knowing more than the names of our neighbours.  So we're encouraging you to be intentional in eating together, listening to stories of your neighbours and celebrating and blessing them as you grow to know them.  We gather as believers every 6 weeks in our neighbourhood groups to eat and fellowship together too, so contact us to find out who is leading your neighbourhood parish lighthouse initiative.  

  • The Great Commandment

    Jesus takes the entire Old Testament and sums it up in two commands; to love God with all we are, and to show that love for God through loving our neighbours and enemies. So as a church we spend time worshiping God together, praying, listening and learning from His word together to praise and honour Him.  We also personally and corporately serve our neighbourhoods and city to show the tangible love of Jesus through our lives. 

  • The Great Commission

    Since Jesus calls us to love God with all we are, we choose to live in obedience to His word.  Jesus commissions us to share the hope we have in Jesus with everyone as we go about our daily lives, so in obedience we speak about and live out the hope we have in Jesus.  As part of truly loving our neighbours we also want them to experience the joy, comfort and hope that comes with faith in Jesus, so we daily live out His great commission for our lives.

  • A Great community

    We practice the great commandment and live out the great commission in community, as Jesus calls us into community when we come to faith.  We are part of His kingdom and part of His family, so we're in this together. So we love our church community and disciple each other.  We love our local communities and love them in tangible ways as we disciple them about Jesus. Lastly we are part of a global community so we practice loving our global neighbours through sustainable initiatives, aid projects and relief efforts, while also sending missionaries to share the hope of Jesus with them.