Life Groups

  • Wednesday ladies Group

    This afternoon ladies group meets alternating Wednesdays at the Pirries house, 509 River Road.  They meet at 1:30PM.

  • monday ladies group

    The ladies study rotates with the men's on Monday nights, so contact the church to find out when they are on and what time they are starting.

  • Monday Men's Group

    The men's study rotates on Monday nights with the ladies study, so contact the church to find out when they are meeting, the topic and starting time.  You can sign up here at

  • CHurch on tap

    We meet every Thursday at Cafe 13 on Main Street, at 8:30PM.  We always have a topic or question to discuss, but we encourage you to bring any questions or topics you're thinking about and we'll start with those. 

affinity groups

  • church on tap

    We meet every Thursday night from 8:30-10:30PM at Cafe 13 on Main street.  We discuss any questions brought up that night and take a look at interesting topics and awkward stories from the Bible.  Everyone welcome!

  • Breakfast club

    The Breakfast Club meets alternating Wednesday mornings at Angels Diner at 8AM.


    Parents with preschoolers meet at the church every Thursday morning for a group play date.  They meet from 9:30-11:30AM right here in the church nursery.