Lighthouse neighbourhood groups

We are lighthouses in our communities and neighbourhoods. We just are. We are a city on hill, a candle in the dark, a shining presence to help people safely make their way home.  Yet we don't shine alone because we're surrounded by other people of faith, whether from our own churches or others, and it's comforting to know you are not alone.  So as we shine where God has placed us, we gather a number of times a year in our neighbourhoods to encourage each other, get to know one another better, and learn more about our neighbourhoods. 

  • Blair road/delta

    Kevin and Arlene host this area and it's led by Dan and Laura. It covers both sides of the river delta, with Blair Road on one side and the Delta on the other.  Email dan@cambridge if you think you're in this catchment. 

  • Saginaw/fiddlesticks

    Ken and Dori lead this group while Dan and Shelley host.  It's the area between Townline and Elgin, from Clyde to Pinebush. Contact for details. 

  • East galt

    Marilyn and Becky share hosting and leading this group which encompasses the area around the church, north of Concession.  Contact Marilyn if you're in East Galt or Alison Park.

  • southwood

    Matt and Haley lead this neighbourhood group and hosted by Heather and Greg.  If you're in the Southwood Highschool neighbourhood, this is for you, so email to get on the list. 

  • woodstock

    We love our commuters from Woodstock, so if that's you, James and Donna are heading up your neighbourhood group. Email to connect with your neighbourhood. 

  • Kitchener

    We have a number of lighthouses in Kitchener but are still looking for a host house, so if you're in the KW/Breslau area and willing to host, email